Prominent Nigerians Support President Buhari On Border Closure

Prominent Nigerians have supported the closure of Nigeria’s land border, a directive of President Muhammadu Buhari. They showed their support on Saturday at the 2019 Investiture of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria in Lagos. A former Secretary-General, Commonwealth of Nations, Emeka Anyaoku, said that closure of the border would boost the economic development of the country. He said, “We should support our foreign border closure by President Muhammadu Buhari and its ultimate importance to the home-grown policy. “It is clear that the abundant variety of Nigeria’s natural resources and our large population constitute adequate phases for the country’s economic prosperity if the federal and state governments can show a determination to provide the necessary policy and practical support. “And also if our citizens can be persuaded or even coerced through regulation into curbing their appetite for imported, rather than locally produced goods, there will be a tremendous turn around in the economy.” Also supporting the move, Director-General, West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management, Baba Musa, urged Nigerians to encourage and understand the reason for the border closure. He said, “The border closure was not an attempt to stifle business or discourage manufacturers from selling their goods. “It is to check smuggling and multiplication of arms that are coming in through the borders to create insecurity in the country and to enable genuine traders to move their goods and services through the normal channel and pay the appropriate duties and charges. “It’s a welcome development, we have seen the outcome. “Nigerians should encourage this until such a time that our neighbours come to terms, on the need to protect our borders from smuggling and activities that create insecurity.” According to the Chairman, Board of Fellows and Practice Licence, Bayo Olugbemi, the country could surmount its economic challenges if people cultivate the right mind and are liberated. He said, “Most of the economies in the world today that are doing well do not have the resources that Nigeria has. “All they have is human capability and that has come to play in the multinational revolution, which is leveraging on the digital space. “So, we need to get this through to the public and make concerted efforts so that we are not left behind. “The emerging economy is digitally driven and I believe that Nigeria has great opportunities in this field.”

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