DEPRESSION!!! See What Kida Kudz Just Shared On Twitter About His Music Career – Someone Should Help!

God, we don’t want any bad thing to happen to any of our Entertainers again 🙏  We are still in tears after that of Pelepele (who took his own life some months back because he did not blow) – Read the News here  Earlier today, Kida Kudz took to Twitter to let the world know his plan if he releases his forthcoming EP and he didn’t get the expected buzz on it. See what he posted below:- 

This is nothing but depression. Kida Kudz is depressed already and those around him should be careful and be on the lookout 😥😥  If becoming a full-time daddy is the way to go for him, then good luck but he shouldn’t go to the level of hurting himself at all.  Olamide, Reminisce and other Top Artiste who are close to the Artiste should come around him at this trying time and him get through it.  God bless the movement 🙏

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