[Breaking] See video of Custom officers that went to Benin Republic to seize rice

This event takes place at Pobe, Benin Republic. The Nigeria Customs officers went to Benin Republic to seize rice up to five cars.

They entered Benin Republic with gun in their hands which is against the law, they were even threathing the people of the community after they packed the rice.

The people of the community are just shouting in French “bloque la route”. They called their soldiers to stop the scene but before the soldiers came the customs have moved away

The soldiers was looking them, and they shot one of them from afar in the leg and he fell from the patrol bus and one of the officers came down to rescue him as they’re doing this the soldiers rushed to meet them, unfortunately the remaining officers ran away and the two officers was arrested.

Both of them are in police station in Cotonou. The soldiers said if the customs did not return the rice they will not release the officers too.

See video of the incident below:

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