[Video] Nigeria Customs officer spotted collecting bribe


[Video] Nigeria Customs officer spotted collecting bribe

This event takes place at Owode/Idiriko road at Ajilete Custom Checkpoint .

This people of the area are complaining about the bribes they collect. There are more that 20 checkpoint of different forces on this road.

The people of the community said some of them will stop them and will just ask for money, especially the police.

The ppeople of the community let us know that ssometimes you’ll see police asking for passport from passengers in bus, if they don’t have they will pay.

We all know that police are corrupt already but what about the custom oofficers

The people of the community made it clear that imported rice is still entering the country but the customs are only permitting the rich people to do so because they always bribe them.

This is a video of a custom officer spotted collecting bribe from one rich man to permit him to carry contraband to the country

See video below

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