LBCMUZIK MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Social Media Is Killing Many Nigerian Youths Slowly (FIND OUT HERE)


LBCMUZIK MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Social Media Is Killing Many Nigerian Youths Slowly (FIND OUT HERE)

Social media is surely a great place to be but if you’re not careful, you might get frustrated and loose morale with what you see there.

I have many friends who are social media addicts, they cherish their social media image than what they are in real life.

Friends that we drink garri together, you won’t see them post it on social media but let them see one opportunity to enter a beach, eatery or fun place, you see them blasting pictures everywhere.

They won’t only take the pictures and post it, they will make sure the pictures are well edited so people can see that they are balling and have the impression that, it’s how they ball all day.

I have seen someone dressed up on a Friday evening, snap pictures and post on Instagram with caption “Quilox Way” and undress again then go to sleep.

She didn’t go to any Quilox that day, it’s all for the gram. Just for social media people to have impression that she’s actually going to have a good time in the club.

If you now grab your phone and see pictures of people balling on social media, you will think their lives are better than yours.

If you’re not careful, you will start thinking God has not done enough in your life not knowing you’re just comparing your real life with someone’s fake life on social media.

Many youths have given up on doing great things in life because of what they see their mates posting on social media.

Because someone put up their best picture on social media does not mean they are leaving their best life.

Be wise, don’t believe all you see on social media, anybody can be whatever they want to be on social media, all that is needed is a good phone with good camera quality.

Focus on your real self and keep growing at what you do. Don’t let anyone frustrate you on social media, just scroll and pass.

My last good picture on Social Media was not taken with my phone and I was just in the mood to take picture on that day because I was looking dapper in that native attire.

You see the wrist watch I was trying to flaunt in the picture was a gift from my boss and I actually posted it a day after it was presented to me in box.

If you see the picture and you think I am one sort of a very rich kid, then you’re mad.

Don’t take everything you see on social media seriously, just keep workingkeep believing and pray for grace.

Have A Fruitful Week Ahead.

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