HAPPY SUNDAY!! As A Christian Who Goes To Church, Tell Us Something Your Pastor Once Said (Best Quote Wins)

Happy Sunday to fellow Christians on Lbcmuzik

In the mighty name of Jesus, this Sunday won’t be your last 

As we proceed to Church for today’s service, let’s take this time out to appreciate every true PastorEvangelistsBishopsElders across all churches in Nigeria.

May God Almighty be with them as they have devoted their lives to impacting on us the word of God and also spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians who don’t miss church every Sunday, you must have assimilated some of the statements your pastor or a pastor in your church can’t do without making every Sunday.

It could be that they say such things when they pray, preach or when they are coordinating meetings or the normal church programmes.

See Below:-

My Pastor Once Said__________

This is the time you can prove to us that you are a true Christian who goes to church because we know some people are Audio Christians 

Let’s do this Guys 

As A Christian Who Goes To Church, Tell Something Your Pastor Once Said

Best quote wins

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